Welcome to London Quakers

Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group runs an annual walk called Refugee Tales.  Walkers go for a week through lovely country.  Each evening, a well known writers join a group of walkers (yes, modelled on the Canterbury Tales idea) for an evening of story telling and music.

This year, the Refugee Tales walk is from Edenbridge to Westminster with the last evening (Tuesday 9th July1900-2030)  in Wandsworth at Holy Trinity Church. with Author David Mitchell telling The Dressmaker's Tale.  There are still quite a few tickets left for this event and GDWG has asked me to spread the word.  Here's a link to Eventbrite if you are interested.

Black Lives Matter UK are hosting their inaugural anti-colonial festival in Friends House, London on 13th July. 
Can you volunteer your time to make it happen?

 The team will need at least 50 people and it is a great asset if you know Friends House. We will need ushers, people to support in the different spaces to do things like show people where toilets are, reset the space for the next activity, give directions on where to go next, sign in desk duty, skilled photographers etc. 

Shifts are:
 Morning- Afternoon
Afternoon - Evening
All day ( with breaks)

There will be refreshments throughout the day and lunch to those doing the morning-afternoon or all day shifts. 

If you are interested please fill in this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15PUoFZt15iEp_Q7bRsn61asahjRdKc3JDJ9kzioNWw4/viewform?edit_requested=true 

And please share it with friends of yours who are also kind enough to volunteer.

Quaker voluntary action have some greatlooking working retreats planned for this summer and autumn.  Have a look at the list 

London Area Meeting Development Group

The main menu has change so there is a page for the development group. Minutes and announcements on it.  THe former Steering Group has laid itself down.

Papers from the previous phase of work are now to be found under Commitment Papers.  Someone told us that Commital is not to do with intention but with mental unwellness.  Sorry.


What London Quakers 

plan for 2024

London Quakers plan to run events as well as supporting meetings of the 7 AMs overseen by the London Area Meeting Development Group. 

The Steering Group of London Quakers recognise that there's plenty to talk, discuss and learn about apart from governance, important though that is.  

We will hold

  • A day meeting at Friends House about Refugees and Migration, in collaboration with Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network. June 22nd
  • An active Hope workshop - September 28th
  • Another event about reparations after Yearly Meeting when we have a better sense of the direction of travel of Quakers in Britain.


Where have the PLG papers gone to?

The Steering Group of Pan London Governance has laid itself down.  Each of the 7 Area Quaker Meetings of London has been asked to appoint two members of a Development Group to take forward work on the governance of the Quakers of London.

We hope that names of these Development Group appointees will be known by the time of the meeting on 3rd February.

The PLG page and Plungs Papers page still contain:-

1  The very brief summary of the decision of the London AMs to move towards forming a single AM for London.  

2  A summary of the decisions by the AMs plus a summary of ‘reservations’ retrieved from the AM minutes

3 A compilation of the minutes from the seven Area Meetings giving responses to the Invitation to Commit

4  Links to the papers upon which the Invitation to Commite was based.

We were reminded recently abot the August 2024 plenary meeting in South Africe of Friends World Committee for Consultation. These FWCC meetings bring together a group of Friends from all corners of the world.  More information at https://fwcc.world/event/world-plenary-meeting-2024/  The theme of the World Plenary Meeting is ‘Living the spirit of Ubuntu: Responding with hope to God’s call to cherish creation – and one another’.

Quakers talking over coffee

Welcome.  Are you a Quaker living in or visiting London?  Or someone who wants to find out more about Quakers, or find a meeting?

We aim to keep Quakers across London in touch with one another, and to give us a voice in addressing the wider world by organising events and helping us keep in touch with one another.

There are about forty Quaker meetings in London, grouped into seven Area Meetings.  Most meet for worship each Sunday, and sometimes at other times too.   Any of them will be glad to see you whenever you come.

Come and join us!  Most of our events are open to all, just turn up.  They are free, although some may have a collection.  But if you cannot afford it, or don’t want to contribute, please don’t.  We’d rather have you than not.  (Courses are the exception – they have a small charge and need to be booked.)

Find your nearest Quaker meeting in London using our map facility.

Visit https://quakermeeting.org for an interactive tool to locate meetings throughout Britain.

Quakers are a free-thinking faith organisation with a long tradition of challenging accepted norms, helping the disadvantaged and working for peace.

​Quakers seek to balance their inner and outer lives. We seek meaning and purpose by sitting in silence and stillness, waiting for promptings to guide our lives. For many, this leads to being actively involved in working to help others and change society for the benefit of all.

Learn more…

If you are already part of the Quaker community and would like to get involved in our initiatives or need help with your outreach, Discovering Quakers opens new insights.you can find out more here.

We aim to have Quaker internet material of interest to children, young people and their parents or carers. Read more…

Upcoming Events

Sat 15 June

EMES Youth Group


Venue: Online - register for link

The EMES Youth group (facilitated by Friends World Committee for Consultation) meets monthly online. Each session begins with a short period of worship and ends with a slightly longer period of worship known as an ‘epilogue’; usually with a piece of music, image or reading to focus on. The meetings are informal and an opportunity to get to know other Young Friends around Europe. Please see the Quaker Youth Programmes page of our website for additional background information about the youth group and our other work with Young Friends.

We have a variety of different activities including inviting external speakers, discussions, art or craft activities and of course games. All participants are encouraged to offer activities and join in with the planning. 

The working languages of the meetings are English and German, but there is an option to tell us if you need support with another language on request interpretation on the registration form. Anyone aged 14-18 is welcome to join us. 

If you would like to register for the EMES Youthgroup please click here.

In 2024 the Youthgroup will meet on these dates:

Saturday 15th June
Thursday 11th July
(no August meeting)
Friday 6 – Sunday 8 September gathering alongside the Border Meeting in Bonn-Walberberg, Germany
Sunday 13th October
Tuesday 12th November
Saturday 14th December

For further information please visit the EMES Youthgroup | FWCC-EMES (fwccemes.org) webpage. 

Sun 16 June

Young Adult Quaker Meeting


Venue: Westminster Quaker Meeting House, 52 St Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4EA

3 March 2024 at 17:00 – 18:00

London Young Adult Quaker Meeting provides a supportive and nurturing space for young Quakers aged between 18 and 35 to connect, reflect, and share in silent worship.  

It's also a great way to meet others who share our Quaker values and beliefs.

Takes place the first Sunday in every month at Westminster Quaker Meeting House

Sat 22 June

Refugees, Migrants, Friends


Venue: Friends House

A one-day event organised by Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network (QARN) and London Quakers

Join us for an opportunity for Friends around London to

·       Hear insights from people working to transform asylum and migration policies in the UK;

·       Listen to recommendations from people with lived experience of the asylum system; and

·       Share information on local practical solidarity actions.

Register Free