On Tuesdays from 9 March 2021,19:00 to 20:30, there will be a weekly opportunity for Quakers across London to worship and talk together. We hope that this will build up the sense of a London-wide community of Friends, especially as we consider new ways of governing ourselves. We will have half an hour of worship, then a short conversation starter (from a different Friend each week), half an hour in small groups, and we’ll end with some worship sharing. You don’t have to attend all of it – you can join or leave after the worship.

Zoom details: Link : https://bit.ly/LFTogether
Meeting ID 832 5021 1050
Password LQMFW

If you have attended a meeting and want to comment, there’s an evaluation form here

Consultation on the governance of Quakers in London

The Pan London Governance group was formed in April 2019 to develop proposals for a potential way forward for the organisation of the Quakers of London.  The paper describing this and a Summary are now open for consultation.  Copies have been sent to all London Area Meetings.

We will hold a meeting on 10th April 10:30am to discuss the proposals .

Register for the meeting


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


You can use these links to download copies of the electronic files.



Please direct any comments to the Clerk of your meeting or of your Area Meeting.

Welcome to London Quakers

Welcome.  Are you a Quaker living in or visiting London?  Or someone who wants to find out more about Quakers, or find a meeting?

We aim to keep Quakers across London in touch with one another, and to give us a voice in addressing the wider world by organising events and helping us keep in touch with one another.

There are about forty Quaker meetings in London, grouped into seven Area Meetings.  Most meet for worship each Sunday, and sometimes at other times too.   Any of them will be glad to see you whenever you come.

Come and join us!  Most of our events are open to all, just turn up.  They are free, although some may have a collection.  But if you cannot afford it, or don’t want to contribute, please don’t.  We’d rather have you than not.  (Courses are the exception – they have a small change and need to be booked.)

Find a local meeting

Find your nearest quaker meeting in London using our map facility.

Visit https://quakermeeting.org for an interactive tool to locate meetings throughout Britain.

New to quakers?

Our new to Quakers page briefly introduces Quakers: what we believe, how we worship and what sorts of social action have sprung from our approach. The links page will guide you to sources of more detailed information about Quakers. Read more…

Under 19s

On our Under 19s page we aim to have Quaker internet material of interest to children, young people and their parents or carers. Read more…

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Mon 17 May

Quaker Quest

Online Event: https://www.meetup.com/Quaker-Quest-London/events/

Since 2002 Quaker Quest at Friends House in London has been a way for people who want to know more about Quakers and their individual spiritual journeys to meet some Quakers in person and hear their stories. While Friends House is closed in the evenings and social distancing is advised, the Quaker Quest team would like to welcome you to online discussion and a sharing of views via Zoom. We hope that each evening will be driven by you and respond to what you want to know. Each main session lasts for an hour and is followed by a short 15-minute Meeting for Worship and the opportunity for informal chat. The best way to show interest is by replying through this Meetup link (so that we have an idea of numbers): https://www.meetup.com/Quaker-Quest-London/events/

Tue 18 May

London Friends Together

Venue: See meeting link in the text below

Meeting link

 ZoomID 832 5021 1050

Password LQMFW

Every Tuesday at 19:00 there is an opportunity for Quakers across London to worship and talk together. We hope that this will build up the sense of a London-wide community of Friends, especially as we consider new ways of governing ourselves. We know that many Friends have become reasonably comfortable with online worship by now, so it seems a good time to use it to reach out across geographic distances. We will have a mixture of worship, a short conversation starter and some time in groups. You can join or leave after the worship.
When: Tuesdays, 19:00 to 20:30
Where: on Zoom of course (with a waiting room on entry)

Meeting Format:

18:45 – 19:00 Opportunity for chat

19:00 Meeting for Worship – for 30 minutes or so; join quietly please

19:30 Brief welcomes, notices, time to arrive or leave for some
Conversation starter talk - 4-5 minutes
19:40 Breakout groups of about 5 people each - 30 minutes. Please read the guidelines.

20:10 Worship sharing/ closing worship - 15 minutes or so

20:30 Close

Zoom details are in the venue or use the link below

Link to London Friends Together

Comments after a meeting? Evaluation form here

Thu 20 May

THe possibilities of peace education - QCEA online conference 20-21-22 May

Venue: Online conference

Visit the QCEA website here

The Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) and Quakers in Britain are organising a virtual conference "The possibilities of peace education: Evidence and opportunities". 

The aim of the conference is to explore together how education can sow the seeds of sustainable peace and heal divisions, drawing inspiration from a long Quaker tradition of peace education work.


Session topics will include:

- Framing peace education
- Peace education in conflict and post-conflict contexts
- The policy case for peace education
- Positive peace in schools
- Racial (in)justice in education
- Peace education in the context of forced migration 
- Climate justice

For more information, see the agenda or contact: