Children & Youth Development Worker

Hello Friends!

My name is Julia Stacey, and I am the new London Children and Youth Development Worker. It’s wonderful to e-meet you all and hope to meet many of you in person in the coming months.

Before this role, I’ve enjoyed an ever varied and exciting professional life. Back in Canada I worked as a lifeguard, camp counsellor, community arts facilitator and workshop assistant along with many other roles! I also had a creative practice in textile and performance arts. Here in the UK, I previously worked for the Foundling Museum and Imperial War Museums even wwoofed on an alpaca farm! I am excited to bring all these experiences together to inform my Quaker work.

In my personal life I attend Friends House and am an active part of meeting life. I also enjoy swimming, sewing, dancing and most recently joined a choir!

How will I be supporting Friends? 

As your London Children and Youth Development Worker I will be helping children, youth and families participate in Quaker communities. I also aim to help adults and meetings feel more comfortable supporting children, youth and families. Together we will create Quaker communities that are loving, inclusive and all ages.

This is a brand-new role for the London area (though I have teammates in other regions). I am part of the Quaker Life Team, as this role is managed by Britain Yearly Meeting.  We – London Quakers and myself – will shape the work together. As I become more familiar with the role I will provide updates (perhaps through a blog, or newsletter) But for now here are some of my main job responsibilities.

Connect with children, youth and families

I will build my relationships with children, young people and families (Quaker and the wider London population) and learn their needs and interests, in order to better connect them with Quaker communities and opportunities. You can expect communication in various ways - in person at meetings and events and online (social media, email, newsletter).

Promote and create Quaker engagement opportunities

There are already some great opportunities for children and young people in London Quakers, for example London Link and local children meetings. I will promote and assist existing offerings, and also work to develop and facilitate new engagement opportunities. For example, if Quaker youth were interested in an environmental action club, we could work together on creating this.

Encourage intergenerational connection, opportunities and communities

I will help adults and meetings feel more comfortable connecting with children, youth and families. This could look like advice (including safeguarding), training and putting on all age events together. Where Quaker communities are interested, I can support you in reaching out to wider communities, such as schools, other faith spaces and community spaces.

Share my work and seek feedback

I will regularly share and evaluate my work with the Quaker Life team and also welcome feedback and reflection from involved Quakers, to help me develop the work. We will be looking to form a ‘Local Support Group’, of local Friends from across the patch who can help guide this work and root it in Quaker communities. Look out for updates and get in touch if you want.

Getting in touch

I work 35 hours a week normally between Monday – Friday and I am primarily based at Friends House. However, hours and location can vary as I also support Friends during evenings and weekends. 

Please contact me for support, advice, events, opportunities, and training to do with all things involving children, youth, and families. Also get in touch with ideas, thoughts, and questions – I look forward to getting to know lots of London Quakers over the coming months. 


Phone and WhatsApp: 079 3883 5367 

You will also find me in person at many meetings and events, please do say come hi if I’m not tied up in a task! 

In friendship

Julia Stacey