London Friends Together

Suspension of LFT from 210720-210907

We hope that lots of you have enjoyed coming to our “London Friends Together” meetings for worship and serious conversation over the past few months. We’ve certainly enjoyed running them, and we’re very grateful to all the Friends  who have given us conversation starter talks and have supported the running of the meetings.

We organisers have seen a significant drop off in attendances in the last month, and we are not quite sure why. Maybe it’s Zoom Fatigue? or the lure of long summer evenings? or competition from sporting events? When the attendance went below double figures (including the 3 organisers we need each time), we began to think we should step back and reevaluate. Also we want a rest during Yearly Meeting Gathering when all us organisers will attend a perfect torrent of Zoom meetings. 

So we’ve decided to take a break for a few weeks, resuming London Friends Together meetings on 7th September 2021. We will do some thinking about the format and length of the meetings, and we’d welcome your input on this link

We will send out another mail before the resumption, to remind you of the meetings, and to announce any planned changes to the format and to arrangements such as reminders.

As always, we welcome offers of support such as

Offering a conversation starter talk (“five minutes, three ideas, one question”)

Acting as Elder

Acting as IT Host

And you can give comments about one of the meetings using the evaluation form here

Meeting Format:

18:45 – 19:00 Opportunity for chat

19:00 Meeting for Worship – for 30 minutes or so; join quietly please

19:30 Brief welcomes, notices, time to arrive or leave for some
Conversation starter talk – 4-5 minutes
19:40 Breakout groups of about 5 people each – 30 minutes. Please read the guidelines.

20:10 Worship sharing/ closing worship – 15 minutes or so

20:30 Close

Recordings of conversation starters form London Friends Together

You can turn subtitles on or off using the button marked CC.

Geoffrey Durham of Hampstead LM spoke from Advices and Queries 8  on 23 March 2021.  Recording.

Gill Sewell of Stoke Newington LM spoke from Advices and Queries 4 on 30 March 2021 Recording

Gillian Ashmore of Kingston LM spokeon friendship on 6th April 2021 Recording

Annette Gamblin of Kingston LM spoke on What Love Requires of us  Recording

Fred Ashmore of Kingston LM Spoke on Advice 18 Bear the burden of each others failings and pray for one another…..  Recording

ABigail Maxwell of Friends House Meeting spoke about that of God within us – and what else?  Recording  and passages from Scripture and QfP

Bruce Johnson of North London AM spoke about  what Quaker worship means to him.  Recording