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Quakerism is one of the simplest of religions.

As Quakers, we believe everyone has what we call ‘that of God’ within them; each of us has direct access to the divine. Deep experiences can take many forms, and people use different words to describe them; we need to respect everyone’s experience.

So Quakers meet together in silence with no set prayers; we have no need of creed or clergy. In the stillness, we may all feel a loving power drawing us together and leading us. One or more of those present may speak briefly if they feel moved to do so.

This way of worship is 350 years old, yet simple and contemporary. Everyone is welcome to experience it with us.


Our Quaker faith should lead to action. Throughout our personal lives, we face the challenge to live with greater love and integrity.

We have ‘testimonies’ to truth and simplicity, encouraging the pursuit of social justice and peace.

Historically, Quakers have been involved in prison reform and the abolition of the slave trade. In 1947 the Quakers won the Nobel Peace Prize for relief work in post-war shattered Europe. Quaker initiatives also contributed towards the founding of Amnesty International and Oxfam.

In London currently, Quaker projects include work on social inclusion and with homeless people.

All kinds of people continue to be drawn to this blend of faith and action.

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Or meet some real live Quakers most Monday evenings at our Zoom Quaker Quest events. You’ll be able to talk with them about Quaker life and thinking, and you’ll have the chance to try Quaker worship.