Quaker Quest

Quaker Quest is a weekly event for anyone who wants to come to learn about Quakers. The evenings are relaxed and friendly and we never push ourselves or anyone else to sign up to a set of beliefs.

We have met for eighteen years at Friends House in Euston, but while Friends House is closed in the evenings, we invite you to our zoom meeting. We want to share how Quakerism enriches our lives. In our silent worship we encounter each other, and something greater than ourselves, and our experience is that we can worship together on Zoom just as we do in person.

The meeting is every Monday at 7pm at this Zoom link. A Quaker will introduce a topic, then there will be open discussion. We want to hear what you have to say. Recent topics include God, peace, work, forgiveness, truth, and living simply.

We have a discussion for an hour, fifteen minutes’ silent worship, then informal chat.

The Quaker way is a spiritual path for our time: simple, radical, practical.